Java evolution and Feature


                                 Java Evolution

Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems of the USA in 1991. Originally called Oak by James Gosling. The goal had a strong impact on the development team to make the simple language, portable and highly reliable. Java was designed for development of software for electronic devices like TVs, VCRs, toasters and such other electronic machines.

 year                                          development

     1994               the term development a web browser called 
                            "HotJava" to locate and run applet programs on
     1995               Oak was replaced by "java",

     1996               Sun released Java Development Kit 1.0.
     1997                Sun released Java Development Kit 1.1.
     1998                Sun releases the Java 2 with version 1.2 of the
                             software  Development Kit (SDK 1.2).
    1999                 Java 2 Platform released by Sun microsystem.    
                                            And this is standard Edition.
    2000                J2SE with SDK1.3(Software Development Kit)    
                            was released.
    2002                J2SE with SDK 1.4 was released.
    2004                J2SE with JDK 5.0(Java Development kit) was released.

                            Java Features

  • compiled and Interpreted language
  • Platform Independent and Portable language
  • Object Oriented language
  • Robust and Secure language
  • Distributed language
  • Familiar, small and simple
  • Multithreaded
  • High Performance language
  • Dynamic and Extensible language

Platform Independent:-

Java is platform independent language because it's code run on multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac/OS, Sun Solaris etc. Java code is compiled by his own compiler and converted into bytecode.

 Object Oriented:-

Java is an object-oriented programming language because in java everything is an object.
object-oriented concepts are class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.

 Robust and Secure:-

Java is a Robust language because it is handle all type of exception. There is not use any explicit pointer which avoids security problems. Java also has an automatic garbage collector which is work on JVM(java virtual machine).

                Java is known for its has no explicitly pointer. it has many internal features like Classloader, Bytecode Verifier etc.

 Distributed language:-

Distributed means, java files are easily calling for from any machine. 

 Familiar, small and simple:-

Java is a simple language, easy to use and easy to learn. It is based on C++ language. But java has not used some feature of c++ like operator overloading, explicitly pointers and not use inheritance purely. 

High Performance:-

 Java is faster than other programming languages because java bytecode is close to native code.

How java differs from C and C++ 

  1. Java and C

  • java does not define the type modifiers keywords autoregister, signed, and unsigned
  • java did not use the union and struct keyword.
  • java does not support an explicit pointer type.
  • java adds new operators such as >>> and instanceof.
  • java adds labeled break and continue statement.
  • java adds many features required for object-oriented programming.
  • java also does not use the sizeOf and tyoedef keyword like c language.
     2. Java and C++

  • It does not support operator overloading.
  • java does not have any template classes.
  • java does not support multiple inheritances of class.
  • java does not support global variables.
  • java does not use pointers.
  • java does not use destructor function. It is use a finalize() function.